Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Humane Watch vs HSUS update

This isn't what I was going to post about, but it is important enough to get on the blog first. A request has been made to spread this information far and wide. So the translation would read: Please forward the below information to everyone you know.

Permission to crosspost, but please strip my name & contact info. I'm just the messenger.

There's an update at HumaneWatch saying that as of 8:00 pm Hills no longer appears on the Care2 site...Go to the Humane Watch for the latest: http://tinyurl.com/yz9bptm

Don't let the agriculture folks have all the fun pointing out their objections to businesses that donate to HSUS. Hill's Science Diet does it, too. Think that's a little...I don't know. Weird? Time to weigh in. Here's the proof.

Here's the spin.


More links and a link on how to contact Hill's through the humanewatch link or the tiny.


Other animal interest groups are emboldened by their recent success in educating others as to the lunacy of donating funds to an organization that is ultimately going to put them out of business. Yellow Tail wine has changed its corporate giving plans so as to only donate to groups that actually give care to animals. Pilot Travel Center agreed to remove the donation cans from their centers when the same issues were raised. It was pointed out to them that the livestock industry throughout the country is run by truckers who use their centers. The latest was Mary Kay cosmetics. The wife of the founder donated to HSUS in her position as a major player in a Dallas fundraiser. HSUS listed Mary Kay as a corporate donor until that link was brought to their attention.

So now it's up to pet owners everywhere to educate Hill's as to HSUS's agenda. Be polite, but let them know how you feel. I know I will. Oh, and tell your veterinarians, too. Flex your muscles.