Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shell Game Continues

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this before. Well I'm going to do it yet again.

I really was going to do my own research and write my own opinion, but the truth is someone else has already done a bang-up good job and I am a hardcore believer in never, ever wasting time trying to re-invent a perfectly good wheel.
So go here: read what E. Saunders of Animal Rights or Human Responsibility (AR-HR) has to say on the topic.

Also go here:

And now for the skivvy on the latest H$U$ and their version of "The Art of Stealing under Cover of Law".

Since I watch as little TV as I possibly can I personally haven't seen any of these commercials on Fox, but I am willing to trust those who are reporting on having seem them.

First came two commercials, complete with sobbing music, sad puppy eyes, sick animals and the plead to care enough to donate to the Humane Society of US along with a web page address for where to send you money.

Couple of days pass and the same Fox News commercial appears only this time it has the ASPCA listed as needing your money. A web page address is list telling you where to send your money.

Couple of days pass and, you guessed it. The very same commercial appears yet again. Only this time the web page address listed is for Rescue Animals Confused yet?

The all three web page addresses are owned by, you guessed it: Humane Society of US sometimes also known as H$U$)owned per the domain registration:
Registrant Organization:The Humane Society of the United States
Registrant Street1:2100 L Street, NW Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Washington
Registrant State/Province:District of Columbia Registrant Postal
Code:20037 Registrant Country:US Registrant Phone:+1.2024521100
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:hsusdomain@HSUS.ORG

The registrar used is

A poster to as this to say about what H$U$ in all its hundreds of different dresses is actually saying:

Perhaps we're going about this all the wrong way. Instead of working towards educating the public and being the voice of reason, we should just pretend to be PETA and HSUS supporters and really get out there in the public and demand things that we can prove they support:

  1. Taking away your Constitutional rights to own pets
  2. Legislating your pet-related business out of existence
  3. Insisting that lab rats are more valuable than the life of your sick child
  4. Destroying the American economy by ending all livestock farming, ranching, animal or animal product transportation, the sale of any animal product or by-product, the regulation of all food industries including groceries and restaurants.
  5. The mandatory enforcement of veganism regardless of whether or not it is a healthy lifestyle choice for you
  6. The extinction of ALL domestic animals (from cats to cows).
  7. The closing of all zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks and circuses
  8. Mandating the immediate end of all hunting, trapping and fishing.
  9. Making it illegal to harm any animal for any reason whatsoever, including striking a deer with your car when it runs out on the road, killing a wolf, bear or wild boar that's taken up residence in your yard and is now trying to gain entrance to your home.
  10. Rewriting the bible, torah & koran to insist that all the leaders of the world's major religions were really vegans.
  11. Gaining full legal rights for all animals, which will then (logically) be able to vote, hold jobs and be elected (having the benefit that you'll finally know the politician you're voting for is a real ass BEFORE you cast your ballot).

Vegan anyone? Not me. My dog votes and so do I. We really must start working on voting all the bums out and voting in some people understand the difference between welfare and rights.


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    This is crap. The ASPCA does wonderful work. Do you torture your own animals?

  2. Notice how this post comes from the golem known at Anonymous. This is a poor, tortured soul with black twisted thoughts.

    If this golem and all its current kind were not responsible for so much killing and pain, it would almost be possible to feel some pity. As it is, we must continue to remember that the golem known as Anonymous only wishes all of us and our animals death.

    How sad it that?

  3. Anonymous6:21 PM

    This commercial sucks. I will never gives this group one cents of money. I will tell everyone I know not to support them. I will publicly advocate others to do the same. I strongly object to the imagery and the tact of this commercial.

    I understand the cause and agree with it but its this commercial I find distasteful, disgusting, and vulgar.