Monday, April 24, 2006

Day 277

Worked with Tyler on his retrieve a little bit this morning. He is having almost as much trouble focusing as Sanity so I'm not all that sure it was worth the effort. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for all of us. And Sanity finished up the day by managing to pee in her pants yet again. GRRRRR.


  1. Pat McKinney2:16 AM

    Margot, has Sanity prevailed, or should I say, has she lived through her jail sentence, and is she once again among the pack? This log has 4/11 as her first day in heat, which would make today something like the 23rd day. She will be happy to be free to run again!

  2. Sanity is back to work and training. Tyler is still being trained. The two are best of buddies. The weather sings its siren call to me. I have a garden that begs me to dig and plant. Sitting inside is just not on the menu right now. When I do sit at the computer it is to do the MUST DO stuff. I'll get back soon, promise.