Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hear me shout!  Happy New Year!

Yes, I know there was a picture yesterday with lots of dogs saying the same thing.  However, I wasn't allowed to say anything and now I AM!  So there.

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  1. Iwas referred to your site for the long down. I have read it...and because I am a dense human have a couple of question.
    l. After you have compliance with dog laying down for at least 30 minutes do you continue this every day thereafter/ or for how many days.
    2. If the dog does not you continue until he does no matter how long it takes. Then how long do you remain once he has submitted.....
    Thank you so much for sharing this....I hope it will help me in our situation with a rescue dobe who is great at most things except lunging at people/bikes etc. He is 5 years old and knows obedience under no stimulation. We have been trying to increase his threshold but are progressing very slowly....his reaction is a high pitched bark/whine while pulling towards object. Maybe this will make me a leader for him and I can be incharge. Thanks