Friday, October 14, 2005

Day 85

Drove me half crazy last night. She was up, down, up, down and the up again all night. I suspect it may have had something to do with the change in our sleeping arrangements. When I have an overnight guest, they get the bed and bedroom and I sleep in my wonderful recliner. Now it isn't unusual for me to sleep in the recliner all night and all the dogs are used to that part. What was new for Sanity was the idea that the bedroom door was closed, she wasn't allowed to enter and there was SOMEONE ELSE in The Bed. By morning I don't know who was more tired, her or Wrap or me. Next guest will be easier, that is the one thing I know for sure.

Morning progressed and we headed out to run errands. First stop was for my nails and while maintaining her place and giving every appearance of being a model puppy she was quietly chewing through one of my very best leashes. Because Janene happens to have been one of my students, Sanity got caught in the act. BAD GIRL!!!

Next stop was the drug store where they didn't have any problems with us and we didn't have any problems with them. With Sanity's level of curiosity being what it is, I sure wouldn't have wanted to put off this part of her training one second longer. I really need to get her to what I call the "no big deal" stage in her public training as fast as I can. Doing it while she is still small is the only thing that is making any sense to me.

Last stop was to pick up my new glasses and darn if she didn't consider leash chewing while waiting. Sorry! That is just not an option and I told her so. The Optician looked like his face was going to break in his struggle to keep from laughing at us. The thought crossed my mind that he was thinking she just might cost me several more pairs of glasses. I told her, "better not". She just wagged her tail.

Evening found us in Alison's car and headed to Easton, MD. Took Sanity and Chance about the first 30 minutes or so to get themselves sorted out and behaving in the backseat of the car. After than the ride was pretty calm.

There was a "meet and greet" at an Applebee's in Easton and we made it there in time to not be the last to arrive. This was Sanity's first public appearance in a restaurant.
She handled it just like an adult dog. Didn't even react when a fool of a restaurant employee snuck up behind us and started petting her on the butt. Man, was I pissed. Several at our table told her to knock it off and I reached out and started rubbing and stroking her arm while asking her if she liked her privacy invated and her body fondled by a stranger. I honestly don't know what was funnier. The faces at the table, her face or the faces of people at other tables. Anyway, I figured it was a good thing I wasn't planning on ordering anything to eat.

Frisbees. Big turn on. We got to the motel, went to our room, put stuff away and then went out to join a group all exercising their dogs on the lawn. There was this Airedale busy chasing a frisbee. Sanity locked on that thing flying through the air and just had to have it. I let her go. She raced out, stole the frisbee from the Airedale and proudly brought it back to me. After doing this same thing several more times I started holding her back so the poor Airedale could enjoy its Frisbee in peace and quiet.

Meanwhile,in another part of the lawn a schutzhund trained dog was doing some practice sleeve work. Butterfly brain that she is right now, the sleeve looked like way more fun than the Frisbee and she begged and begged me to let her play that game next. I felt I really had to tell her, "not now, little one, not now."

Finally bed and the idea of being in a motel room with one other dog and two other people didn't faze her. Within less than a couple of seconds she was fast asleep.

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