Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 89

After spending the morning trying to figure out if a new dog is the right one for a client or not, Sanity and I in the company of a good friend headed off to the Columbia Mall to do some "mall crawling". We started our outing by getting something to eat. This gave Sanity a chance to look around and scope things out. As you can see, she thought the down time was a bore.

Next we headed off to check out a couple of stores and ended up buying a few things.

Right now one of Sanity's biggest problems is that she seems to have lost track of what her rear end is doing or where it is going. This, as you can see, makes turning in tight places something of a challenge. However, with a little help and guidance the turn was managed and we didn't knock a single bottle off the shelf.

As we were leaving that store, Sanity noticed the railing and wanted to check it out. So we did. She found that people watching from that height was truly fascinating and was somewhat reluctant to leave her viewing post.

We did finally leave and took the elevator (moving room) back to the lower level. She didn't seem to be fazed one way or another by the movement and was far more concerned about why I wanted her to practice this "backing up" business. I suspect it will be several months before she has enough control over her rear to actually manage to back up without getting her feet all twisted.

Our last stop was the toy store. I had spotted it when we first entered the Mall and had decided it should be our last stop. The strange toys were of great interest. Hoping to locate at least one good distraction toy we went in and struggled to get around. Sadly, the aisles were so narrow and cluttered that we had to give up the search.

Point of interest, so far Sanity has remained totally unflappable and pretty much unstoppable. Noises, movement, people, animals, different walking surfaces, different riding arrangements, they are all greeted with an alert, wide-eyed interest. Each new thing, each new place is studied and then given consideration before she moves on to the next new thing. The best part is that I am getting to see everything as new all over again. What a fine gift.

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