Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day 98

Thank goodness I had sense enough to banish the "bitch from hell" yesterday. It took me more than four hours of hard work to get everyone more or less settled down into a normal routine. Breaking them into small groups and kenneling the ones I wasn't working I would throw a bumper. They would chase it and then once they got to it would begin to pose and posture over position. I would throw the second and third bumpers so as to hit the worst offenders in the side. This would break up the little donnybrook before it could escalate into a major war.

Tiring out a group, I would kennel them and get out the next group. Over and over I did this until finally fatigue and the rhythm of the work settled everyone back into a more normal behavior pattern. Instead of helping, snotty Miss Sanity turned into Insanity and just kept on trying to stir the pot. By the time the morning was over I had totally lost count of the number of times I corrected her for a one transgression of the rules after another.

Mind you, each and every single correction was for a new and different offense. I must say, I am mightily impressed by her ability to come up with new things to try. I am also way to tired to be able to do much more than put everyone up for an afternoon nap and crawl into my recliner for a couple of hours.

Evening brought the group class and a Halloween party. Poor Sanity. With no time to do anything about a costume for her, she was forced to wear cast-offs and go as a bag lady. She was not real thrilled with the choice of costumes. However, I did get to put her new holding skills to use. See tomorrow for a picture.

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