Sunday, October 30, 2005

Day 101

Sunday and I was determined to rest. Problem being that Sanity just didn't quite see it my way.

So, here I am resting in my recliner and I hear a very suspicious noise coming from the kitchen part of the house. Make myself get up and go check. Nothing wrong in the kitchen, HOWEVER...

In the little room off the kitchen where all the dog food is kept movement catches my eye. As I move through the kitchen headed for the "food" room a red streak shoots past me. Reaching out to grab I miss and the chase is on. Seems this particular red streak is carrying a small plastic bag in her mouth and not much interested in sharing. Cornered, caught and the plastic bag grudgingly given up, I head back to the food room to see if I can figure out just where, what, how, why. You know, all those important questions.

The boarding dogs mostly show up here with their own overnight bags that have their food as well as other necessities. I don't know if I simply forgot to zip up the bag in question or not, but on the floor lay a black backpack. Unzipped and wide open complete with plastic bags of food spread all over the place. Now mind you, zipped or not that back pack was up on the table and to reach it Sanity had to have climbed up onto a chair and then snagged it. GRRRRR.

Mess cleaned up and then the door got gated shut. Back to my recliner, where I no more than begin to doze off when I hear another crash. This time from the office. Back up and into the office I head only to find that just about everything on the right hand side of my very messy desk is now on the floor and inSanity is calmly plucking one tissue after another out of the tissue box. OUT! OUT! GET OUT OF HERE! With that I threw open the door and chased her outside.

Cleaned up the mess in the office only to realize there is way too much quiet outside. Check on all the dogs to discover that inSanity is leading the pack in a major dig fest not in the mulch pile but in the dirt between the pavement and the flower garden fence. I'm beginning to dream up unusual punishments as I realize that by the time I have managed to put all the dirt back I would really have been better off to have just worked for an hour or so to begin with. And so, dirt replaced out comes the dumbbell and we worked on retrieving from the ground around distractions to be followed by about 15 minutes devoted to random sits. That finally made her feel better and I actually was allowed to rest. Of course, by that time the day was pretty much over anyway.

Last thought for right now. If and I do mean if she should manage to live to see her first birthday, she really will be an awesome dog.

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