Saturday, October 01, 2005

Day 72

Saturday morning started with Sanity working as a loose dog in the park. She got plenty of practice on both come and sit. Her distance sit is starting to take shape and she is now halting and sitting anywhere from 6 to 8 feet away when I give the sit command. Unfortunately right now she is of the firm opinion that the sit following come must be executed between my legs. Sure will be glad when that phase passes.

We took a break between 10 and 11 and both came inside to napped. Then at 11 it was back to doing the loose dog in the park number once again. Lunch for me with some play for Sanity followed. The 1 p.m. class started out with a demo on using the throw chain rather than the ecollar to reinforce a recall. That was a total and complete bust. Sanity never, ever got far enough away or so engrossed in a distraction that she couldn't/wouldn't hear and respond to a soft "come" command. Ah well, in the training department I hope I never have anything more serious to complain about where she is concerned.

Her reaching for the dumbbell at 6 inches is moving right along. Even the other dogs don't pose much of a distraction. The hold is now truly shaping into a hold and today she managed a 15 second hold for the first time.

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