Sunday, October 23, 2005

Day 94

Sunshine and not quite so cold this morning. All the dogs were happy to see sun and Sanity joined the gang in a grand game of first chase/tag and then hole digging in the mulch pile.

The retrieve is the only thing being worked on specifically each and every day. Today we just worked retrieves from the floor in the office. No distractions, just the two of us and the dumbbell. Working in this quiet environment some rather interesting things became apparent. As long as I said fetch and then when her mouth was on the dumbbell said hold she was able to correctly retrieve it every single time. When I said fetch and didn't say hold she appeared to be either confused or just waiting for the next command. I decided to go with confused and will continue to use the hold command for a couple more days.

I swear she gets more mouthy by the day. I keep telling her she must learn the art of silence. Right now she isn't overly impressed with my requirements in the vocals department. What she has yet to learn is that I always win discussions of this sort and my ability to stay the course is far, far greater than hers. Soon we will have the silence I require.

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