Sunday, October 09, 2005

Day 80

Still raining. Still wet. Getting colder. Not much in to working outside so all we did today was work on the retrieve off and on. The arm's length reach is where we are right now and with it came the argument over ownership of a certain right ear. I finally established that I do in fact own it. Once that issue was resolved the willingness to leave a sit and go for the dumbbell with gusto moved in. So from now until it is time to marry the hold and the fetch into one exercise we will be in a holding pattern as far as fetch movement goes.

The hold. What can I say? Holding is good. Sitting is good. Standing is also good. Moving more than one step appeared to be painful on some mental? emotional? level and she was determined to not take more that 3 very grudging steps. Finally by the last session of the day she managed to actually walk from the living room to the kitchen. The funny part was that she did it with her eyes closed. I'm not sure why the closed eyes, but if that helped her get the job done, well who am I to say she is wrong. Will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. I don't plan on working on the hold until the evening class.

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