Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day 79

I hate being wet and muddy.

Getting the ball is worth getting wet feet.

Now I own the ball.

A shot of some serious puddle play.

One of the reasons why sometimes this is called Mud Heaven.

I really should call this "Playing in the Rain" day. The dry spell has ended with a bang or should I say flood? The bad part, at least for all the Dobermans, is that we now have proof that they don't melt and their colors don't run just because it is raining.

Besides playing in the rain, Sanity worked on her hold. As I suspected having to walk and hold at the same time is proving to be a real "brain strain". I am without any sympathy since I know darn good and well she is more than happy to not just walk but run while at the same time carrying something in her mouth. It is just a matter of priorities, hers or mine.

The reach is another one of those things that right now seems to be a major issue. Her entire attitude being one of commitment to remaining in a sit position. This too shall pass.

Last comment. With the rain came colder weather, and once again she is showing me just how much she is going to be my girl. She doesn't like the colder air any better than I do.

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