Monday, October 17, 2005

Day 88

Monday recovery. Since I was pretty much whipped, I made the mistake of thinking Sanity would feel the same way. She did seem sort of glad to take it easy for a couple of hours in the morning. However, by 11 she had her energy back and was ready to help teach a couple of lessons.

After that, while I wandered around in something of a fog, she managed to EAT a second leash. Mind you, it wasn't exactly laying around begging to be eaten or in this case chewed to the point I shall have to take it up the street and beg the leather shop owner to cut it off and rebraid it. Which, of course, means I will have a short leash I won't really want to use. Grrrr.

As for the retrieve, let's just say she is only a couple of days away from picking the dumbbell up from the floor and in the evening class she showed for the second time today that carrying a dumbbell while going over an eight inch board is really easy.

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