Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Day 139

The funniest thing happened this morning during a lesson. Wrap and Sanity were both on the dog couch in the training studio. I needed a dog to demo something and I didn't bother to use a name, just said "heel". Well when I looked down I had Wrap beside me instead of Sanity.

Okay, so she wants to work and Sanity is willing to sit on the sidelines watching. This happened twice more and then they up and switched and I had Sanity in heel position. The problem with the switching after that first time was that I was making very sure I was using the name of the dog I wanted each time I needed an assistant. In spite of my care I wasn't always getting the dog I wanted. This jocking for position was sometimes funny and sometimes annoying. It also make the lesson run overtime. Well, I could have worse things to complain about, like not having two dogs who both want to work.

As always on days like this, besides the class work we worked come, sit, down, and stand into the daily routine. In the class I had Sanity working on the sit/stay while I made the point that the command "stay" totally changes the command "sit", turning it from an active exercise to a passive one. She was good. Totally ignored teasing and the other dog sniffing her.

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  1. Dear Margot: So this is what I have to look forward to. "The switch." huh. The last time one was too ill, but had alot to say about everything. Glad to see you doing trips out. Always makes good memories and good writing. Sounds like Sanity really is learning alot from the Alien. heh, heh. Lauren