Friday, December 16, 2005

Day 148

What a bummer, my car still isn't working and so Sanity and I had to ride in Jesse's truck. She doesn't seem to mind now that she has figured out how to jump into the cab. I hate it. I can't jump into the cab any more.

The one neat thing that did happen was that since we had to wait for our ride to return home, Sanity practiced a new sort of down/stay. I simply moved to a different chair and Janene's next client took the chair I had been sitting in. What difference would that make? Well, Sanity is on her place rug on the right side of that chair. She continued to remain there while a total stranger sat next to her. She sat up once, I think to check on where I was, I was just a voice that reminded her to remain in a down. She laid back down and when it was finally time for us to leave, I simply told her to "come" and then to "heel" and so she did.

This is the sort of everyday training that makes the difference between a well-trained and mannerly dog and one that doesn't have a clue as to how to behave. Actually, in this case it was good training for the stranger. She was having a difficult time wrapping her mind around the idea that this seven month old pup was quite willing and comfortable holding a down/stay next to her and most amazing of all not bothering her.

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