Friday, December 30, 2005

Day 162

Friday and off to get nails done and hair cut. Car wouldn't start so we had to hitch a ride in Jesse's truck. Uck! I hate trying to get in or out of that "thing". However, as a measure of how much Sanity is growing, she hopped in without any trouble at all.

The other measure of how much she is growing is that the normal Friday jaunt no longer is enough to leave her feeling as if she has actually done much of anything. I suspect the "time off" isn't going to last for much longer. If for no other reason than because she can't stay out of trouble when she isn't being worked. Caught her in my flower bed again. Not sure how she got in this time. I don't even want to think about the fact that she may be clear jumping the four foot fence.

Wanted to send everyone a New Year's Eve card and when I went to look for one all I could find was really yucky. So it became a case of have digital camera, dogs and an idea. This is what I got:
Yes, those really are glass wine goblets and no the stool is not too small for Sanity. Having to think about balancing helps her focus on the task at hand.

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