Saturday, December 24, 2005

Day 156

Saturday, the day before Christmas and the yard is full of dogs. Will share a few pictures of what it is like around here right now.

In the game of King of the Mulch Pile, we call this one the smallest King.
It takes a bit of courage to open that gate and step into the yard when faced with the greeting committee.
Sammy-poo starts to move in on the king position while Spot doesn't seem to realize his rule is being challenged from a different front.
Sammy-poo manages to hold the crown, but with the "indians/Dobes" starting to circle he won't hang on for long.
Sure enough, one of the Dobes now rules.
Sammy-poo would much rather watch a stand-off than take part in one.
Rosie teases Sammy-poo and Spot

Everyone should have a tree climbing hound. Sammie going up the tree.At this point she is about six and a half to seven feet off the ground.
Here she is in all her glory. May I present, "Sammie, that tree climbing hound..
And for those who may wonder here is how she gets back down. As you can see, it is not a problem at all."
I think you could say it is rather busy around here right now.

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  1. Elaine11:22 AM

    We love the pictures of your yard and especially "Sammy Poo." Kenny was intrigued by the tree-climbing dog! Thanks so much for keeping us up on what's going on there.