Friday, December 23, 2005

Day 155

After driving all the adult dogs in the yard crazy for the better part of 3 hours, she came in, stood nicely so I could make an attempt to clean her up and put her service dog in training cape on her. Instant transformation from wildass, crazy puppy to very serious young working dog.

Off we went so I could get my nails done. She never ceases to amaze. Waits at the gate until I tell her to go through, waits for me to close and lock the gate, stays in heel position to the car. Waits at the door until I tell her to get in. Once we reach the parking lot of the shop, she waits in the car until I call her out and then falls into heel position without my having to say a word. In the shop she ignores the other clients and goes straight to her rug.

From the time we leave the house until the time we return she manages to do every single thing she is supposed to do and never does a single thing that could be considered to be out-of-line. It is truly amazing how she can be so very, very good one minute and so very, very bad the next. All a part of growing and learning.

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