Sunday, December 11, 2005

Day 143

Sunday and all I did was work on the retrieve a bit. I am just not happy with what I am seeing in the way of a response. It sort of goes back to her play retrieve in a way. She didn't mind going out and getting a toy a time or two, but even then bringing it back to hand was not high on her list of "things I live to do".

Both Sanity and Jersey seem to have made some sort of pack based on seeing just how much they could get away with in one day. The answer? Not a whole lot. I have got to find some really good chew toys for the both of them. They are in a heavy chewing phase right now and going through approved chew toys at a blinding rate.

On a different topic all together, I finally made the decision to wash Jersey from the training program. She is a nice dog and will do well, BUT she is just too big for the person she was intended to work for and now I am back to the drawing board in the search for a new service dog for someone else. True, Jersey is on the smaller side for a Dobe but I was hoping she would be really small for a Dobe.

In fact, we were all hoping she had finished her growing when she came here the end of October. Sadly, that was not the case and I have this weird idea that the person working the dog needs to be noticeably taller than the dog. Jersey was just a tad bit too tall in the beginning and now, well now that she is almost at tall as Wrap there is just no way.

Besides which she had no idea of where her body is as far as space and time are concerned. This means she will body slam without so much as an "oops, sorry". Not too much of a problem when you are steady on your feet, weight more than twice as much as the dog and are more than a foot taller. However, when more than one of those requirements is missing it becomes a problem and when not a single one of the human requirements is met, it becomes an insurmountable wall.

The search for the right home for her is now in progress.

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