Friday, December 09, 2005

Day 141

Got up this morning to snow and sleet and ice. Groan, moan, whine, complain. I HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR.

None of the dogs wanted to go out. I had to do the proverbial "beat 'em out with a stick" just to get them to go out to potty. Then, I was really mean and insisted everyone stay out long enough to get a decent amount of exercise. Meanwhile, I struggled to clean off the back porch and steps so I could get to the water buckets, haul them in, de-ice them, fill them with warm water and put them back outside. Everyone said, "thank you". That made me feel pretty good. Then it was on to trying to do something with the office porch and the ramp and the path from the gate to the ramp and the sally port area.

I am so slow and get tired so darn fast that just doing that little bit was an all day affair. Work, rest, call a dog. Work, rest, call another dog. Forget sit or stay, or stand or heel or just about any other command. It was way too slippery and the dogs were in serious need of movement to keep warm. So after about 2 hours, we all came in and took a nap. After the nap it was back outside to repeat the morning efforts. Two hours and then back inside for another nap.

One of the things Sanity did was to lead one rather wild chase after another around the yard, up the mulch pile, slide down the other side, hide behind the holly, leap out and start the entire wild chase/run all over again. Thank goodness, because it sure did help to get all the dogs well exercised. Good girl, that MissSanity.

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