Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day 154

It was a little warmer today. All that means is Miss Sanity became PigpenSanity. I don't think I have ever owned a Dobe who was as completely happy to be covered with mud. YUCK!

So why is she getting so muddy? Because she just can't seem to help herself and just has to stir up one uproar after another. I have a very full house right now and inSanity moves from one small group to the next stirring things up as she goes. Want to know where she is? Just listen for the barking and squeaking and squealing, follow all that noise and sure enough you will find her in the thick of whatever is going on. Usually something that shouldn't be going on, like digging holes in places other than the mulch pile or pulling one of the window well covers off and tearing it up or doing buzzing fly-bys just to see what the older dogs will do about it. Wonder if she will live to see her first birthday?

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