Monday, December 19, 2005

Day 151

Here it is Monday and I am still dragging around here just about able to keep up with the training necessary to keep the board and training dogs moving in the right direction. Part of me worries about the fact that Sanity is missing her daily "new material" drills and part of me says, "Don't be silly."

Just because I am not drilling on new material doesn't mean she isn't getting worked. There is the business of learning how to be the yard boss. Now that is a really tough job and right now since her idea of bossing is to stir things up and then run around in a circle barking at everyone, she is getting lots and lots of practice at coming when called. In time, she will figure out what is acceptable behavior in the yard and what isn't and will start coming to tell me when things are amiss. Meanwhile, I will continue to tap, pause, tap, tap, pause; repeat until she really figures out what that particular code means.

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