Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 169

Sanity did several (8?/10?) retrieves from different angles while we waited our turn for the usual Friday nail stuff. Not bad, not bad at all. It was especially good since the remote was deader than a proverbial door nail and so other than my voice and good will she was "on her own".

This evening I upped the ante by giving her a fetch command when she was half asleep on the loveseat. The meant she had to process the command, get up, turn herself around, get off the loveseat and go get the dumbbell. This is how she looked when I gave the command to fetch.

After doing 5 successful retrieves, I got greedy and introduced a folded up nylon leash as the retrieve object. No problem. She stepped right up and brought it back each time I gave the fetch command. That made 5 more successes.

Greed is an awful thing. No way could I be satisfied with that and so the last thing we did was to work on retrieving a Coke can. This one being an empty. The first two weren't bad, but then she clamped down just enough to take the can out of round. The next three retrieves were really hard for her to handle. She really struggled with just how to pick the thing up. And now she is back lounging on the loveseat.

Once she got that last success, I finally had sense enough to quit while I was ahead.

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