Monday, January 23, 2006

Day 186

Got up this morning to a yard full of deep mud puddles. Guess it must have rained really hard and long last night. I don't have dogs here today, I have mud puppies. This is not going to be a fun day. And so it wasn't. Rainy days are never much fun and cold,rainy days are the least fun of all.

We did get in two really good retrieve sessions. One in the morning when I set things up so that Sanity and Leo were doing a sort of face-off style retrieve. Meaning I was at one end of the studio with Sanity and Paul was at the other end with Leo. We would each toss our respective dumbbells and then send the two "pups". They had to go passed the dumbbell closest to them in order to get to their own. It was a good exercise. We managed maybe 12 or 15 reps. before they both began to focus on their own dumbbell and ignore the other, closer and correspondingly easier retrieve.

In the evening Sanity got to repeat the same drill during the class. This time she was doing a face-off with Sage. It didn't take quite as many reps before she was getting it right. Of course, Sage's dumbbell wasn't being thrown quite as far and I'm not sure how that factored into the mix. Maybe it really didn't make all that much difference. What I do know is that I got the very strong feeling that she would have very much liked to have been able to bring both dumbbells back. If only I would be willing to let her figure out a way to do two at once. I had to tell her, "sorry, one per customer."

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