Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 170

Saturday retrieve class was just this class, you know. As far as Sanity was concerned it was no more interesting than a week two beginner's class. But wait! There was this extra thing tossed in. We got to try out a new prototype, small, and quite portable place table. No pictures just yet, but I will have some just as soon as I get at least one of the new tables here to stay.

Sanity is still having a bit of a problem maintaining ownership over her rear legs. She is still not sure just how long they are or where they happen to be located at any given time. This meant the new table was a bit of a puzzle at first. She was also just a little confused when I told her to fetch while she was sitting on this new table. What? You mean you want me to get off the table and actually do what?

It worked out just fine in the end and she was able to hop off the table, fetch the dumbbell and then hop back up on the table to do what will one day be a really nice sit/front for delivery to hand. Yes, I sure do like this latest of training aids. That was the good part of the day.

Now for the bad part of the day. There is no longer any question as to what is happening to my flower bed. The destruction monster hops over the 4' fence as if it was all of 6" tall. Shoot she can hop over it from a stand. All she does is sort of squat down in the rear a little bit and then bam! she is on the other side. This part of the training is going to take some effort on my part. I suspect the fire breathing dragon is going to have to move in and do its bit before this issue gets solved.

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  1. Pat McKinney8:55 PM

    I recommend a wire lid (ceiling) over your flower bed. It would need to have strong support, and the first time it was tested, there would be considerable destruction, but I doubt it would happen again.