Monday, January 09, 2006

Day 172

Monday and it really is time for Sanity to start learning how to do the morning chores. So this morning she was assigned the task of carrying one pan from the crate room upstairs and to the kitchen. Mind you, we are not talking about a full retrieve. Oh my, no! All she had to do was hold the pan in her mouth, walk from the crate room a very short distance to the stairs and then climb said stairs.
She was sure I was requiring a Mt. Everest climb without any support staff.

Fifteen minutes of trying and failing before she finally managed to make to the top of the stairs. By that time I was more than willing to readjust my goals and say that reaching the top of the stairs really was the goal for the day. Of course, while this struggle was going on Wrap was systematically carrying one pan after another up and leaving them in the kitchen. Wrap never was able to do a very good job at stacking the pans and this morning she choose to show her disgust by leaving the dirty pans scattered all over the kitchen floor. She also refused to have anything to do with Sanity for the rest of the morning.

Meanwhile, the work continued and Sanity quickly came out of her funk to help with the transfer training of two dogs who were going home after having been here for a month. Next we got to play with a new "toy".

This is Sanity's Monday morning friend, fellow student and playmate testing out the new portable training table. It is 18" square and has several different heights. In this shot of Leo the table is set at 12". Since Leo is just 10 months of age, I guess you can sort of tell he is going to be one BIG fellow when he is full grown.


  1. Can we buy tables like this? I bought all the pieces to make a couple of them but I haven't found just the right round tuit for my husband and it would be easier to buy them already made than to deal with it myself.

  2. Sorry, but they are being built for me by one of my students. I have already asked him if he would be willing or interested in building them for others and he said NO!

    He went on to say it was fun figuring out how to built them and building a few was nice, but to have to do assembly-line production, no way. What I will do is see if I can get him to list the materials needed, sizes, where to get the parts, that sort of thing. If I can get him to do that, I will publish a "pattern".