Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 168

This morning Sanity and I headed for the studio and the first real work session in almost two weeks. For 30 minutes we worked on fetch, sit, come and heel. By the end she was doing a tossed 10' retrieve, sitting on command when 6' from me and struggling with the difference between come and heel. So I would have to say the vacation did us both some good.

With evening came the return to the Thursday evening class. Since it was Diane's turn to teach it, Sanity and I worked as a part of the class with me working on my scooter handling skills and Sanity working on, humm...

staying out of the way of the crazy scooter driver. We are actually getting a little better in both departments. She also did her first series of 6' tossed retrieves in a new place. All were good ones as far as the going out, the pick up and the first part of the return. She is still having a problem with figuring out just how to sit in front of me for the delivery to hand, but that will come.

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