Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 173

Ah Sanity. You scream your rage and defiance at me two, three times a day. I remain calm and implacable in my insistence that you will fetch when I say fetch. And fetch will not just mean a dumbbell. See, I know this is just a passing phase that you will soon grow beyond.

I know what goes on when you are out in the yard with the other dogs. There are many times during the day when your screams of that same rage and defiance is at one of the older dogs. It is all a part of growing and even though it is rather painful to have watch and listen to, I know that one day soon you will have your epiphany and when that light bulb goes on it will give a blinding light.

I am content to wait, watch, guide and mold you as you move along this most difficult of transitions. The passage from puppy to young adult always seems to be the most difficult for the most gifted.

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