Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 189

Thursday and while I worked with Sanity on retrieving metal objects and she is now picking up the scent article correctly, I didn't do a single bit of work with my "game". The class was pretty much a total bust as far as she was concerned since it was the night of the monthly run-thrus for all levels. By the time all the utility, open and then novice dogs had a chance to do a complete routine it was way too late and I was way too tired and hurt way too much for us to do even a short novice routine. Oh well, there is always the next time.

Some how I suspect that my playing round with food is once again going to go by the wayside. Tomorrow I will make a serious effort to give it another go.

One thing that was really annoying me was her sudden interest in wandering off to check out any and every strange dog she happened to spot. There were quite of few of them since it was on of those evenings when the class next door was in session, full and let out at about the same time we finished up.

This meant she got several ecollar corrections. One of them caused her to give one of her protest yipes. This in turn, caused the owner of the "show dog" to voice her displeasure at how this poor dog was being abused. HA! That little yipe was sounded as Sanity turned away from her intended path toward or at the "show dog" and returned to me, still mumbling under her breath. I swear, this is the most vocal dog I have ever owned. She has an opinion on everything and feels free to voice it constantly.

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