Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day 164

New Year's Day and much to Sanity's dismay, there was once again NO TRAINING. I think she is getting right tired of the time off. Jersey went back to New Jersey today and somehow I got the feeling that her leaving suited Sanity just fine.

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  1. Steve3:31 PM

    Some of leaving was fine with Jersey, 'cause she got to ride up top in the back and thought she'd gotten the chance to try her schmoozy schtick around the house again. That didn't work, so she wasn't so sure. Misses Mulch Mountain and the pack too.

    Howevah, the CM style pack walks are starting to move up on the Hit Parade. The Frisbee seems like fun if she could only figure out why. Seems the ball and the tug went 'way up on the fun list during her visit.

    Boo thinks having her back is a fine idea.