Saturday, September 03, 2005

Day 44

Day 44

Saturdays are always busy and this was no exception.  Sanity’s young Golden friend started her lessons today and Sanity was right there to show her how stuff was to be done. The shy BeagleX was the next lesson and she was quite willing to show him how the down is to be started.  (Note: Sure will be glad when she is finally big enough to do a stand and brace and help me up after doing a down demo.)

The last lesson for Sanity to work was actually a complete sub-novice run thru, including stays.  It was our way of helping student number 3 get ready for an upcoming match. She has yet to explain to me why she will give me two really great sits and then ignore all the rest of the sits unless I help her.  I would be far more willing to by the “but I’m just a baby” card if she would be more consistent about playing it.  Her stand is definitely improving and I can now stand her and go 3 feet and she is steady for the exam and steady for my return.  Then somewhere, between the individual run and 3 of us going back in the ring to do the group sit and then down exercise, Sanity decided to check out for a while.  She found the one minute sit/stay almost too much to handle.  Her head was so heavy it was about to pull her right into the ground.  One thing left, the down/stay.  She plopped down and went to sleep.  Not sure if that counts as a down/stay or should I say down/sleep?

A nap brought on a quick recovery and the rest of the afternoon was spent in playing chase games with the other dogs or a bird or a squirrel.  Now dinner is over and later we will finish up with one last retrieve session.

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