Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day 52

This entry is all pictures, cause I am way too tired to write anything. We spent the day at Sanity, Leda and Chance's very first match. It was also a first time for Tonia and Alison. Tonia and Leda managed a second place in the Puppy Bitch 3 to 6 class. Chance collected his CGC and a second place in prenovice. Sanity was seriously hampered with a gimp for a handler and still managed a fourth place in Puppy Bitch 3 to 6 and a fourth place in prenovice and she took time out to get tattooed. Now the rest will just have to be pictures.

Sanity getting ready for the Stand for Exam

Chance and Sanity heading into the PreNovice ring for the group exercise. For some reason this judge was of the opinion there was no sit stay in this class. Never did figure out where he got his information.

Sanity doing the down stay with group. All the dogs are months older than she is and she is steady as a rock. Alison and Chance are next to us and Chance ended up with a second place. Good job for a youngester with only 6 weeks of training and a handler who had never been in a ring before.

Don't argue with me child, I really do know what I am talking about.

Are you ready?

Alison listens to CGC judge fuss at her. Something about "you are too stiff or not stiff enough or was it the you aren't helping enough and now you are helping too much."

Alison and Chance deal gracefully with a hostile judge breathing right down their collective necks.

In spite of the problems with the judge, Alison and Chance earn their with only 6 weeks of training. Good job to both of you.

On leash heeling in the PreNovice ring was easy after the heat in the CGC ring.

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