Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day 66

Today is an official "day off", but since the teething issue has put us way behind schedule as far as the retrieve goes we worked. The six inch retrieve is now at the stage where the dumbbell is no longer exactly in front of her lips. Sometimes it is off to the right an inch or two or it may be to the left or it maybe just a little below her muzzle. The constant being that it will never be more than six inches away. Refuse it once and from that point on I will hold her back ever so slightly. Just enough to begin to build a bit of tension. She is becoming more and more interested in getting it into her mouth and keeping it there, a thing that promises well when we get to the hold portion of the training.

Play this morning was really on the wild side. Almost the entire time was spent on top of or trying to get on top of or trying to stay on top of the mulch pile. Considering how much fun all the dogs are having right now I almost can't imagine what will happen after the next two or three loads are delivered and the pile begins to be a mountain.

Sanity did a nice job of encouraging the wild GSD pup to keep a civil mouth and the chase game was fun to watch. At this point, even though Sanity is noticeably smaller than the GSD pup, she twice as agile and about three times as fast. Plus she has way more stamina. There is definitely much to be said for lots of fresh air and exercise.

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