Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 51

A killer day has finally come to an end. 8 a.m. lesson was a week 1 and Sanity did her very first turn as the "loose dog in the park". I must say, she did an fine job. Was just enough of a distraction without overdoing it. Her recalls are the sort you mostly only get to dream about and just lately she has been managing to slide into a totally wonderful sit/front like I haven't seen in a young dog for years. The owner of the Dobe pup who was the student couldn't do anything other than babble about how wonderful she was and how much she wants her dog to be the very same way. Way to go! Sanity.

9 a.m. found us teaching a week 2. Sanity did a great job demonstrating how to introduce the sit and then the heel commands. Then she went off to play for awhile.

10 a.m and it was time to teach a week 5. She did a great job showing how the finish is introduced and what it looks like when added to the formal recall exercise. And then, just about the time we were starting the figure 8 my blasted knee gave out again. So Diane and her dog had to step in and take over. SIGH

11 a.m. and we were busy working on getting ready for tomorrow's match. Which meant I took a bunch of pills and managed to hobble through enough of it to sort of set the patterns and get things started. Sanity would gait wonderfully if only she had a real two-legged human beside her. Meanwhile, her stacking is coming along nicely and she is quite willing to at least try to do something. It's just that with a hobbling human, sometimes the something isn't as clear as it should be. Ah well, here's hoping tomorrow will be better.

Came inside and somehow she and grumpy Cromwell had a head to head in the hallway which left her with a deep scratch to the upper half of the inside of one ear. Lots of blood and much ice, cotton and paper towels later, I decided the only way to stop the bleeding and give it a chance to start the healing process was to repost them both using Teflon gauze wrapping around the post in the injured ear. It seems to be working and with any luck all will be well by tomorrow morning.

I am still planning on entering her in both breed and if I can get away with it subnovice obedience. No matter what, it should be an interesting day.

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