Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 58

Wrap and I went off to see an Cesar Milan Seminar today. This meant that once again Sanity had to stay home. Later in the afternoon she seemed to show her displeasure by coming into the living room, making eye contact, squatting and peeing on the carpet. Out! Get out of here! I find I have no patience with that sort of behavior, especially since she has free access to the outside any time she wants. Not only that but there does seem to be a direct correlation between her peeing in the house episodes and my not working her very much during the day.

I sort of decided that one of the reasons why I am not rushing forward with the retrieve is because her teeth are in such a state. Mainly a state of either not there or just coming in and really short nubs. Thought at this point they are now definitely long enough and her gums no longer look so angry. It is time to move on. First session of doing the 1 inch reach we had 5 tries and needed 3 corrections. Two out of five is about what I expected. She is one of those bitches who find corrections annoying. I suspect the training is going to go like a house a fire because of that attitude.

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