Friday, September 23, 2005

Day 64

The normal Friday schedule got put on hold and instead Sanity helped with a consultation in the morning and then as a training distraction after that. We just chugged along most of the day without a hitch. Worked on heeling a little bit. Worked on place on the silly little stool a little bit and started the 6 inch reach without a single hitch or even so much as a hiccup. I was actually foolish enough to think the day would be a quiet one without anything interesting happening.

Having interesting things happen is a curse, I know that. I have always known that. To wish that someone live in interesting times is not a nice thing to wish. After all history never reports the ho hum parts. I own or I should say owned a pair of glasses that cost me $650. Granted I hated those glasses from about 5 minutes after I paid for them. Nevertheless, I still expected to get at least a couple of years use from them. It was not to be. Part of the problem is my nasty habit of taking them off, putting them down and then promptly forgetting where I left them. Today was no exception. I took them off sometime during the afternoon and put them down...somewhere. I did think about them a couple of times, but was busy doing other things and just didn't want to be bothered to go looking for them.

Just after dinner I wandered into the living room and noticed several things on the floor that didn't belong there. There was a partial roll of toilet paper. All the paper was off the roll, shredded into tiny pieces and scattered around in an artful pattern and there was something else in the midst of all that fluffy paper. Actually two somethings.

The something else turned out to be the left side of my glasses and then a few steps away the right side of my glasses. The nose piece was no where to be found. The lenses had more teeth marks than was worth counting. Wonder if there is any reason to bother to save ear pieces? Like my son said, "Mom, she is turning out to be a very expensive puppy." And I am just a person whose middle name is stupid.

Wonder if she will live to see her first birthday?


  1. So what did you do when you found the glasses? Did you scold her? I wonder sometimes if I should be scolding the dog or just myself for leaving something in harm's way.

  2. In this case the damage was already done and I figured I was the one that screwed up. So this time she got a "pass". Older dogs are not so lucky and learn quickly to not do things that will trigger the arrival of the fire breathing dragon.