Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Day 62

After re-reading some of my posts, it occurred to me that I really should explain about the name/number system. For whatever reason, certain names get used all the time for dogs. These popular names do change over time, but I still needed a way to tell one dog from another and this led to first nicknames and finally numbers. So when I talk about Charlie 3, the number 3 says he is the third Charlie to come here for training/day care/boarding. I actually have five Charlies, three Sammies, two Shadows and five Jakes. Just another reason to look for unusual names for your dog. At least I can be pretty sure there are no other dogs named Wrap or Sanity.

My favorite tree man showed up today to drop off a couple loads of mulch and to request my permission to park his equipment here overnight. Of course I said yes. After all, he brings the dogs the stuff that becomes Mulch Mountain and he never charges me a penny. I was so proud of Sanity. After I put all the day care and boarding dogs in kennel runs I opened the big gates and Miss Sanity just trotted around with me as if she was born to the position. All the men in the crew were mightily impressed with not just her training but the fact that a less than 5 months of age she is so calm and steady and as a couple of them kept on saying, "and you don't even have a leash on her and the gate is open and she doesn't run away." DUH! I want to point out that it would be a sorry thing, a sorry thing indeed if as a dog trainer, my own dogs weren't able to follow simple instructions. What a wonder she is.

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