Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day 54

Today was a total play day for Sanity. She ended up the day a very unhappy camper and showed her displeasure by glaring at me and peeing on the floor in front of the front door. Now mind you, she has free access to the outside any time she wants via the office door. Instead she appeared to make the conscience choice to pee on the rug in front of me. Grrrrrrrr.

I suspect a part of her displeasure was that Wrap came out of her semi-retirement state to travel with me. In the afternoon we were off to the County Administrative Building to attend a hearing on the much fought over, much wished for repeal of the Pit Bull Ban. Folks, I came away from that hearing with the strong feeling that once again, the elected officials are not the least bit interested in facts or figures. Instead they prefer to go on the emotions of a very loud few. The thing that bothered me the most was the figures being quoted. Now I am one of the world's worst when it comes to math and even I caught the glaring discrepancies in the figures being used as the basis for not approving the bill. So it went to the full Council without a recommendation. Bad business. Bad business indeed.

Then in the evening Wrap and I headed out to a Citizen's Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities meeting. For Wrap this pretty much was her chance to say good bye to the committee members who have known her since she first started working 7 years ago.

As for Miss Sanity, she found herself stuck with what I call the "general population". Meaning she had to go in a crate in the kennel room just like everyone else while I was gone for the afternoon. As I walked out the door I could hear her screams of rage at what she considers to be unreasonable and unfair treatment. All that means is that she will find herself doing general population time quite a bit during the coming weeks until she is able to transition with grace and good will from one level of responsibility to another.

Then when it was time for Wrap and I to head out to City Hall, Miss Sanity tried her very best to push though the gate wit a "me, too" attitude. Don't forget me. I need to go. You need me. Love her attitude, but there is no way I will encourage that sort of behavior. So once again she was left behind and as I pulled out of the driveway I could still hear her cries of rage.

When I got back home I found my socks in the living room, a pair of my shoes in her bed and Miss Snit herself not the least bit interested in having anything to do with either Wrap or me. Course that really didn't last very long and by bedtime she was back to her normal cheerful self.

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