Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day 65

The most interesting thing happened sometime last night. I don't have a clue as to when since I was fast asleep when it started. I woke up this morning to find I was sleeping with not one but two Dobes. At some time during the night Sanity took the big leap and moved from the floor and a dog bed to joining Wrap and me on the bed.

Wrap is really getting serious about this retirement stuff. She has pretty much handed the prime position on the office loveseat over to Sanity. I have been watching that move for the past couple of weeks and wondering just how long it would be before the move on The Bed took place. Evidently, Sanity's timing is spot on because as best I can tell, all Wrap did was to move over and make room for her. Neither of them bothered me about this latest change in status.

So Sanity has gone from sleeping in a crate in the dining room to sleeping on The Bed in sixty-five days.

Training today was rather spotty. The first lesson called for teaching the place command. For Sanity this just meant she got some refresher work on the beginning stages. Second lesson called for her to act as a distraction and playmate for another Dobe pup just learning the recall. Next she practiced the long down as an example for a real beginner. Last lesson found her showing how to do an active stay. After that she announced she was much too tired to even be bothered with play. In fact, she was so tired she chose to open the gate at the bottom of the ramp rather than jumping it. Took herself inside and went to bed. The retrieve work had to wait until after dinner. Six inches is no big deal in her book, but we will continue to hold at that distance for at least a couple more days.

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