Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 70

Sanity passed the six inch reach test with flying colors! She had to reach forward on the command to fetch and take the dumbbell in her mouth with another dog doing exactly the same thing. The two of them were only about a two feet apart and had to, in effect, move toward each other while focusing on the task at hand. She was totally awesome. So it is on to the one foot reach. The hold is progressing nicely. I haven't really been requiring more than a 15 second hold since I decided to "mark time" while her teeth finish coming in.

The mulch pile, with the addition of three more loads of mulch, has officially become the Mulch Mountain Range. The dogs all love it. It is great for climbing, jumping, sliding, digging and just about any other doggie fun activity a dog might dream up. Sanity is totally in love with climbing to the very top, falling over on her side and then sliding all the way to the bottom head first. The amount of dirt I am having to dig out of her ears is truly mind boggling.

In spite of the fact that I made all the puppies come in at 3 p.m. and take a nap, Sanity, Leda and Lilly were all so tired they couldn't make it through the class. Sanity and Lilly ended up passed out on the sidelines and Leda was going through one of those over tired, hyperactive spells. Starting next week I plan on making all of them come in at noon. Hope that will give them a bit more energy for the evening class.

On the tricks note, Sanity did her place/sit on the step stool for the entire class and then since Charlie 3 had once again forgotten his negative space he got to use the stool as his place for the duration of the class. Seemed to make every one happy.

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