Monday, September 05, 2005

Day 46

Day 46

Labor Day and a very quiet one at that, all the summer dogs have gone and no one went away this weekend.  I say we are really starting to feel the effects of the awful tragedy on the Gulf Coast and the loss of New Orleans.  Sure hope the gas prices stop their climb and start to come back down or it is likely to be a long, cold, hungry winter for lots of us.

About the only thing of interest today was the retrieve and the “show dog” stuff.  Outside and with mild distractions, Sanity gave me ten for ten.  In other words, she opened her mouth for the dumbbell every single time I said fetch and touched her lips with the dumbbell bit.  Not to shabby, not too shabby at all.  I plan to give her at least a couple more days at this level before moving on to the one inch reach.

In the other area, she is starting to figure out that the only way a piece of bait is going to be coming her way will be to keep four on the floor and watch my hand.  I am starting to insist she walk forward a step or two and then back up a step or two before even so much as a crumb is handed out.  I am thinking I will try to find someone to take some pictures of her doing her show stuff.  Would really like to see what she looks like and I sure can’t see her when I am in front of her.  

In the other dogs department, she sure can be an ornery little tease.  She has learned exactly what buttons to push to drive Cromwell, the old Schipperke half insane and she seems to find it to be a truly wonderful game.  Not sure he thinks it is as much fun as she does, but it is keeping him on his toes.  It has been a long time since there was a pup here that he was totally unable to bully at every opportunity.  So I might be saying that Sanity has found a way to trigger the insanity word.

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