Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 239

Had a totally rotten night and getting up in the morning was not something I really wanted to do. For the first time Sanity helped by pushing me out of bed. No, its not what it sounds like. What really happens is I push against her and she pushes back, just harder and then I have the leverage I need to swing around and sit up. Normally one more push or even a strong nudge is enough to get me up and then I manage to keep on going. This morning she had to jump off the bed and stand beside it so I could pull up. This was the first time she has managed to do the entire job without my getting disgusted and calling for Wrap to come help.

As the morning progressed, I swear all the dogs knew I wasn't quite "up to par" and little spats kept on breaking out until I actually saw Sanity put a stop to what could have been a nasty fence fight. Two of the dogs both decided they wanted a piece of paper the wind had blown down from the highway. The paper was on the other side of said fence and the fools were actually at the posturing/screaming stage when Sanity just blew right between them. The two would be combatants turned and trotted off in different directions. That was really something to watch. A ten month old pup ordering two adults to stop the arguing and they actually obeyed. She has some power, this newest yard boss. Now to make sure she doesn't mis-use it during the months to come.

I am such a dolt sometimes. I missed the most amazing set of pictures because my mind was just not working fast enough. Sammie the tree climbing hound got into a "fight" with a squirrel. This fight took place about 15 feet up in the tree. Sammie would charge the squirrel and the squirrel would back up just far enough to be out of reach. Then Sammie would start to loose her balance and have to back down the tree limb. When she would do that the squirrel would charge her. Sammie would gain her balance and charge back. They dueled back and forth like that until my son went out and called Sammie out of the tree. Turned out the squirrel wanted to get in a hole in the tree that was right at a point where Sammie could reach if she had been able to maintain her balance.

The duel would have made a wonderful video or even set of stills. If it happens again I sure won't stand there totally mesmerized by what I am watching and I will get some pictures.

My keys hang on a hook on the back of the door and someone going out shut the door with just enough force to send the to the floor. For the first time, Sanity took my directional signal and the fetch command and came back with the keys on the very first try.

After all these good examples of moving forward with learning and responsibility, at the nail salon when I needed her to do a stand and brace so I could get up she proceeded to dump me. Sigh, I just keep on reminding myself how far she has come cause that is better than dwelling on how far we still have to go.

In the afternoon Tyler managed a fair number of really good recalls. For some reason he is having a real problem with the back porch. If he is on the ground and I call him to come, he takes one look at the steps and swears he can't possible manage them. If I am out in the yard and Tyler is on the back porch he swears he can't possibly come down the steps to come to me. Seems we are going to be practicing steps for some time. I still think it is really funny to see this little, curly, black mite flying around the yard in the company of the two resident Dobermans. More power to him, he attitude just keeps on getting better.

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