Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day 244

Some how the time got away from me and now I have to play catch up.

This was a cold, gloomy day. We had one lesson and Sanity helped with demonstrating the stand position and the send away (place) command. She also helped through demonstration the difference between come and heel positions. Her attitude towards doing these demos was sort of interesting. For the most part, she acted as if she was doing all of us a favor just be in the room, much less actually working. Attitude, much?

Later, we worked three articles again and while she is still kicking them around, the behavior has started to lessen in intensity or length. What was interesting today, was that she kicked both the taboo articles away and then just stool over the correct one. Almost as if she expected me to come pick it up now that she had found it for me. HA! I explained via a ear correction that I don't pick stuff up off the floor. That is one of her jobs in this household.

Tyler continues to work on his come and sit commands. He is also more and more interested in doing whatever it is that Sanity happens to be doing. This is not always such a good thing.

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