Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day 248

I am in so much trouble I'm not sure I know what to do. Certainly tomorrow will not only start a new work week, but a better one than this past week. Here I have been forced to sit hour after hour, with only very short breaks. All because PayPal decided to lock me out of the history part of my account. For most people that wouldn't be a big deal, but for me it turned into a nightmare three months long. I finally got the account unlocked only to find that I was faced with entering every single transaction one line at a time.

Meanwhile, Sanity and Tyler were not getting worked in the manner they were accustomed. So this was the morning they filed a formal protest. A protest that took the form of food theft. After the fiasco earlier in the week with Sanity doing a total pig out, I not only took to locking the food bins but I went back to pulling the broken gate across the doorway to the room.
It was good until today. The only thing I can figure is that Sanity jumped it and Tyler squeezed through the hole at the bottom. Doesn't really matter how they managed and it does matter that they are managing more and more escapades together. The bottom line this time was that someone pulled a boarder's travel bag to the floor, managed to get it unzipped and when I caught them they were at the tail end of...

you guessed it. Yet another pig out. Plastic baggies strewn all over the floor and when I snuck around the corner, Sanity was in the process of tearing open yet another baggy and Tyler had most of his body buried in the travel bag. Instant fire breathing dragon time. Flames and smoke billow into the room, two dogs fall all over each other in their rush to "get outta Dodge" before the final solution. (What ever that might be.) I am left to clean up the mess while Sanity and Tyler high-tail it out to the back side of the mulch pile.

You know how I knew to go looking for them and why I expected to find trouble? It got way, way too quiet.

It was almost 9 p.m. before I finally finished entering the last line of numbers and realized I had a mistake some were. No matter what I will somehow get it finished by tomorrow evening. I need to get back to training way more than they need me.

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