Friday, March 31, 2006

Day 253

When I got up this morning I was just sure the day was going to go so well. What fools we can be some times. Sanity and I left in what I thought would be plenty of time for a stop at the bank before the nail appointment. Got to the bank and the line was backed up for what seemed to be blocks. They closed our old branch and now the only location in town is the one with only one drive up window. Couldn't get out of the line right away and I sat and fumed. Finally got to a place where I could get out of the line and head for my nail appointment. Normally the trip should only take 10 minutes. Plenty of time, no worry.

But the bank branch that was closed is now being torn down and the lanes of traffic cut from three to one. Can you spell traffic jam? Can you spell major traffic jam? 35 minutes I spent just sitting in a big, creeping parking lot. So I was late. I hate that. This being late meant I was late leaving. Being late leaving meant I was late getting home. Diane and Pam were already there waiting for me. Of course my being late meant I was the one responsible for our leaving my house late to head for the Pet EXpo in Virginia.

This was Sanity's big coming out, so to speak. Since I knew it would be crowded and loud and there would be all sorts of pushy people there I was smart enough to volunteer to work the IACP booth Friday evening. I figured it would be just about the right amount of exposure for Sanity. She didn't do too badly. Handled the petting (I took her shoulder pack off and had her off duty, so to speak)even better than I had expected. Even so she got tired of it pretty fast. Suits me just fine since I don't want a dog that is out there sucking up to everyone all the time.

Things I saw at this Pet Expo thingie that make me think just about everyone must be insane where animals are concerned. I saw dogs being drug along by the nose via all sorts of snout loop type head halters. These poor things had deep rings being cut in their muzzles and in some cases had tears coming from their eyes. I saw people carrying cats around, putting said cats down on the floor in the isles right in front of several dogs. I saw a fool of a woman walking around with two ferrets on harnesses and a leash. The ferrets were at least six feet behind her. I saw lots and lots of youngish men dressed in teeshirts, the better to show off their muscles. And to help them make those muscles pop each and every one of them had a muscle dog or a pair of muscle dogs straining out in front of them. Nary a collar in sight, nope these wonder dogs with their wonder owners wore harnesses the better to pull, I guess.

For those of you who actually go to these shows as a vendor, may G*d bless your patience. All I wanted to do was strangle one person after another. I wanted to scream, "How can you be so stupid?" I didn't, since I figured they would see me as the stupid one. After all there were literally hundreds of them and only one of me. Sad, so very sad.

Sanity and I were both really tired by the time 9 p.m. and the closing finally arrived.

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