Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day 238

Well the not so new any longer Doberman boy was here and we started him on sit. Since the longe line work went really well last week, were able to give the position he is walking in the name "heel". I thought Sanity was following me too closely to be any good at doing a sit at a distance demo. She proved me wrong and took my send-away (place) command just fine. This then enabled me to show how the sit at a distance should look. We then worked on both sit at heel and sit at a distance.

The very best part was when we came in and I did has I had promised. Specifically Sanity demonstrated running up and down the killer basement steps. Then with a longe line attached I went to the bottom of the steps and with some strong guidance got him down the stairs the first time. Sent Sanity up and then back down and then sent (or more to the point let) him go up the stairs. A couple of repeats and he was going up and down like a pro. The next step will be to teach him to do one of two steps at a time. Sanity demo'ed how that is done and then we call it a day.

I actually managed to get in more ecollar recalls with Tyler today. Not real sure just why he was better today than yesterday, but I'm happy to take all the gifts I get. His housebreaking is coming along well, but he is still not reliable enough to have complete run of the house.

Classes went okay, but my great idea of using 2 different rooms and running two classes at once seemed to pretty much bombed out. I think it was because I hadn't thought it through completely and besides the room was actually too small.

Sanity worked her two articles with only one mistake. She picked up the taboo article, brought it half way back, stopped and stood there for a minute, put it down started back to the correct one and then just froze. I finally moved in and corrected her since she was just flat not doing anything. After that she was just fine. Moved out, checked both articles, selected the correct one and brought it back.

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