Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 245

Today was a repeat of yesterday as far as the class demonstrations are concerned. However, there was one big difference. She did a good stand and then we went on to show how that stand would, in time, become a stand and brace. She was first very good and then very bad. I swear she tried to dump me on the floor again. When she did it, she turned her head toward me and I caught a glimpse of the devil's glint in her eye. When I saw that look, I quick as a bunny gave her a poke in the gut and said, "Don't you dare." She choose to not dump me this time.

It funny, in a sad sort of way, I remember every single dog I have ever trained to do a stand and brace goes through this period of trying to dump the person they are supposed to be helping. I used to think is was funny and we would work on it every single day with much laughter and merriment. Usually along about 18 months they stop the behavior and get really serious about helping. The sad part is that it is no longer funny to me. Where getting dumped didn't used to matter, now it matters very much. Wish I had an apprentice to turn this over to, but I don't. Poor Sanity.

We didn't get around to doing articles until the second class was over this evening. By that time I was really too tired to be even considering doing them. I did them anyway. She was pretty awful. Continued to ignore the correct article and kept going for the taboo articles. She is just going to have to learn that she has to bring back the correct article even if it does smell of pain. It took almost 15 minutes to get two correct finds. UGH!

Now about Tyler. He went to class for the first time this evening. I am so sorry I didn't take my camera along and take pictures. Using Sanity as his guide and leader he behaved as if he owned the world. Next week I will work him a little bit during one of the classes.

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