Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 249

Still trapped tax hell so not much individual work got done again today. However, since there is the Monday evening 'Bits and Pieces' class to teach I did manage to get back to working Sanity on her scent work. Because of the number of days off and the fact that the last time she worked she had so much trouble, I choose to go back to working just 2 articles.

The first article was placed at 12 o'clock, she had no trouble at all with it. In fact, it almost looked like she didn't even bother to sniff it out. Just marched out there and picked up the correct one. The second article was at 5 o'clock. Once again, she marched out to the pile and sniffed both articles once, picked up the correct one and brought it back. Guess whatever the problem was, it is no more. Will go back to three articles tomorrow.

I do continue to work Tyler on come and sit. There was one thing that happened today that means I am going to have to watch him. I was sure I left him out in the yard and the gate at the bottom of the ramp was closed. Next thing I knew there he was buzzing around in the house. Then later, I went out to do something and I swear I left him on the ramp with the gate closed. It wasn't very long before I see him bouncing around in the yard. I just can't believe he is actually jumping the gate. Will start watching more closely to see if I can figure out what is going on.

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