Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 236

Yesterday was such a totally beautiful day weather-wise, it sure was hard to get up this morning and find that cold weather and strong winds were back. Didn't do any scent work outside today, it was just too windy. Did do one set this evening inside. She is still trying to work by taste or sound. The important thing to me right now is that she is not the least bit hesitant to get out there and do something. I don't thing she is totally clear about what she is doing, but she knows she needs to do it, just as soon as she figures out what it is.

I had another doctor's appointment this afternoon and this was with a new doctor. It sure was a good thing he was nice and better yet, he really liked Sanity. I say it was a good thing because I most certainly didn't like what he had to say to me. Oh well, I guess I'll adjust and as always, life goes on.

The first thing Sanity did after we got into the exam room was to see if she could get away with not doing a down. I calmly and quietly told her that defying me when I tell her to do something was just not in the cards, today or any other day. I then had to excuse myself to this new doctor and correct her into that down. After that, butter wouldn't have melted in her mouth she was so good. The doctor seemed to be rather amused by the entire exchange and after the exam, asked me about her. When he found out how old she is, he said he suspected as much and that he just wished more patients had children as well-behaved as she was (after the correction).

Yep, after the correction she stood when told, did a brace when I needed it, downed when told, was very careful to stay right in heel position and even picked up my cane when I dropped it.

There was one problem spot. The elevator. When we entered the building and got on the elevator I noticed what I would call a reluctance on her part to enter and then she sort of did a crotch instead of a sit or even a down. Not a good sign in my book. Sure enough, when we went to leave she was pretty determined to not get on that elevator. My attitude? Sorry girl, but you don't have any say in the matter.

Not only did we get on the elevator and then she had to sit in the corner, but we rode that elevator down to the first floor, we rode it back to the third floor, we rode it to the second floor and then back to the third floor and finally down to the ground floor. Looks like to me we have a bit of elevator riding in our future.

Actually did manage to start Tyler on the ecollar this morning. He figured out what the static feel meant in under 5 minutes and then for the next ten minutes I had to struggle to get in a reasonable number of come commands. Couldn't call him if he was glued to my left heel and that was pretty much where he planted himself. I suspect I really won't be satisfied with our work until we start the sit command which I fully expect to start on Saturday. Meanwhile, he will wear the ecollar during the day just like everyone else. He acts as if the ecollar has somehow elevated his status around here. Interesting behavior on his part.


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Please forgive an ignorant person for this question. Question: is a cue (or encouragement)for scent a stim when she sniffs at the correct item, or is she only working from information given in the command given at the beginning of the exercise? In other words, are both used, in the training process?

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    It sounds like Tyler has noticed that all the "important" dogs wear their e-collars.

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM


    I hope everything is OK. This is Friday. How did you communicate your "Correction" to Sanity in the Doctor's office?

    Stay Safe,
    Mike Crimens
    Bayern, Germany

  4. Be patient guys. I will answer all your questions on Sunday. I actually have already answered them once and then either hit the wrong button or forgot to hit the right button. Either way, my wonder, carefully crafted answers vanished into the black void, never to be seen again. So Sunday will have to do.