Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 268

Well let's see, just what can I say? Sanity is in jail and this is as holiday weekend. There were only a couple of lessons today. Tyler helped teach the first one and Diane taught the second one.

So what did Tyler do? First of all, his being the demo dog was perfect. He is exactly the same age as the little Havanese taking the lesson. Tyler demo'ed over and over exactly what the recall was supposed to look like. As he show the what I talked about the how. Since he was coming from out of a play session, away from getting a drink of water and away from the open gate and his coming was done at top speed with his head up and his tail wagging at blur speed he did help to make a strong positive impression. We demonstated how to start the sit command and what it should look like by this time next week. He was great.

Later he help "sell" a retrieve class and got in some retrieve practice at the same time.

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